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What Should I Pay Attention To When I Buy A Thread Book Sewing Machine?
Aug 31, 2017

What should I pay attention to when I buy a Thread Book Sewing Machine?
   The advantages and disadvantages of a Thread Book Sewing Machine should look at those aspects? Many consumers are very troubled by this, the market Thread Book Sewing Machine there are many different brands, different sizes, different devices, different prices, consumers in the end should be how to choose? Think that should look at these points:
Binding specifications
The stapling specifications refer to the maximum perforation width and the area of the perforations, that is, the maximum width between a staple pinhole used in a stapling process and the area of a pinhole. Measure this indicator with mm, punching area with such as 3mm * 8mm this to represent.
Binding thickness
Binding thickness is the thickness of the document that can be stapled by the stapler, usually in millimeters (mm), but some products are measured with the number of stapled pages (number of sheets). The general Thread Book Sewing Machine can bind the thickness of more than 20mm to 50mm between, there are special requirements of 70mm, or 400 to 700 pages or so. Ordinary applications can choose 20mm products. There is a special need to choose to bind the larger thickness of the product.
Product stability
The stability of the product is mainly to examine the quality of products and after-sales service, it is the life of the machine and the machine in the course of any failure of a strong guarantee. Market imitation products more, the same kind of product prices are very different, not because of low prices and choose unprotected products, the majority of friends must choose a national inspection and a good after-sales service products.
      Locking Stapler As the last postpress equipment of the product, it is a decisive factor for the product, and the excellent Thread Book Sewing Machine products are superior to other products in the grade. The gap between the cargo and the hardcover version may lie in a Thread Book Sewing Machine.
The vast majority of the operation and adjustment functions of the new generation Thread Book Sewing Machine are automatically set. Through the CTP4 access to information and pass it to the Thread Book Sewing Machine, and then automatically set the operation and adjustment functions, the computer's display, you can see the machine running at a glance and a variety of relevant information. Locking Stapler will increase and improve the various detection and identification functions to ensure that the Thread Book Sewing Machine products have better binding quality, and easier to control costs. In order to meet the binding industry on the automation, high-speed needs, following the lock production line, the Thread Book Sewing Machine after the book core will be automatically transported to the hardcover line or binding flattening line to form a more complete linkage line.
So that we can make a good book to see the book in the printing process used in the Thread Book Sewing Machine, Thread Book Sewing Machine and other machines, which makes the book printed out after there is no kind of quality problems. But because the amount of printed books is very large, this will make the equipment will be some failure, so that the failure of the final result is the equipment to stop using the production will also affect the normal production, postpress equipment manufacturers to analyze the Thread Book Sewing Machine staples What is the cause of the machine failure?
1, send the book under the press time is not accurate. Adjust the press time according to the "User's Guide".
2, the Thread Book Sewing Machine up and down to send the book wheel gap is too large, resulting in the Thread Book Sewing Machine to send the book wheel and send the letter between the wheel of the friction between the small, because the signature material or thickness of different Friction is not the same. The wear of the book wheel will also make the friction smaller. Counterclockwise release the lock nut, clockwise adjustment bolts, Thread Book Sewing Machine to send the wheel of the friction to increase enough to accurately send the letter to the station by the block at the regulations. Then lock the nut.