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What Is The Reason Why The Book Binding Equipment Is Used For A Long Time?
Aug 18, 2017

What is the reason why the Book Binding Equipment is used for a long time?
            Many users will ask the Book Binding Equipment to use a long time there will be some surface overheating, hand touch will be burned. In fact, the main reason is the production of Book Binding Equipment on the quality of the problem, followed by the structural parts of the damage. Good Book Binding Equipment products will not appear this situation. No matter how long long-term use, uninterrupted rest to stop working is no problem. I am the manufacturers of Book Binding Equipment components are used at home and abroad advanced materials, the production of the technical level is first class. Development has been for many years, in the process of processing is also a certain experience.
            Manufacturers suggested that the use of Book Binding Equipment to do before the work of the various parts of the inspection, whether there is loosening or damage to the phenomenon, should be modified in time. Usually maintenance work is also very important, so you can maintain the long life of life. If the stapling device is hot, you can wipe the surface of the device with a wet towel.
   Usually introduced are Book Binding Equipment type, the definition of concepts, features, the use of such information. Xiaobian today is mainly about the Book Binding Equipment of the commonly used binding method. Including horseback binding, flat set, lock line binding, binding. Which is divided into binding and binding and binding line binding. Xiao Bian on a brief talk about two of the binding method!
          Riding a stapler: with a stapler stapler, the set of posts with a good cover together with the cover, in the spine with two wire buckle prison as a book. The book is connected by two wire screws, because the wire is easy to rust, so fastness is poor. The use of saddle book book should not be too thick, and more than a set of books must be completed a complete set of binding to fit, for the six books below the books. Flat set: with wire stapler, the wire through the book core of the mouth, also known as wire flat set. Wire flat set, high production efficiency, but the wire is easy to produce yellow rust stains, affecting the appearance of books, but also cause damage to the pages, shedding, loose, is now less used.
   In order to make the life of the Book Binding Equipment more long-term, in the use of more flexible, more perfect in the binding effect. Then it is necessary to learn the usual maintenance of the Book Binding Equipment, the use of Book Binding Equipment in the process, there are many places need to pay attention. For example, Book Binding Equipment needs to be best placed on a flat and solid desktop, less dust, not wet, do not sun, but also good ventilation. Do not use Book Binding Equipment in special circumstances such as lightning. Note that damage to the stapling device due to power supply is not covered by a free warranty.
         Before using the Book Binding Equipment, please use genuine binding material to ensure the quality of binding to avoid damage to the machine. Do not place any irrelevant items such as oil pots, hard tools, etc. in the workplace of the Book Binding Equipment so as to avoid accidental operation during operation. If the machine is jammed or is not working properly, the operation should be stopped immediately. The The above is how to teach you how to maintain small Book Binding Equipment!
     Now the market is the type of Book Binding Equipment is more numerous, style is also a wide range of. But the most common is that these two, one of which is a voucher Book Binding Equipment, there is a financial file Book Binding Equipment. But in the buyer's view, in the purchase of Book Binding Equipment before the most concerned about is the price of the whole machine, but also take into account the relevant supplies prices and which style for their own working environment. For the binding device, the user is most concerned about the binding thickness, drilling thickness and the price of supplies.
         Book Binding Equipment, after years of research and development to improve, technology has been very mature. Product performance and stability, high grade, the entire operation to achieve a true sense of the automatic. Of course, the most advanced is the automatic Book Binding Equipment, do not understand that can achieve technical innovation, performance is also superior, with automatic fault diagnosis, a high degree of intelligence, configuration, LCD screen and other features can be more Good to achieve office automation.