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Voucher Thread Book Sewing Machine Is The Ideal Assistant For Financial Office
Oct 11, 2017

Punching Thread Book Sewing Machine is a suitable for all small and medium-sized units of the financial room, the office of the popular hot-melt hand pressure punching Thread Book Sewing Machine, the use of polymer nylon riveting binding, suitable for all kinds of files, information, documents , Financial documents for account pages, notes and commercial use. Thread Book Sewing Machine. The machine is small and exquisite, the quality of excellence, flexible operation, simple and effort, can quickly 30mm below the thickness of any paper products made into a book. And binding easy and beautiful, strong and lasting, is your office the best choice.
Punching Thread Book Sewing Machine Features:
1, from the user point of view, do: simple, fast, safe, durable, affordable, environmentally friendly, beautiful.
2, the operation is flexible and simple, effort, can quickly within 30mm any thickness of the information for drilling and binding.
3, a special drill, sharp knife edge, blade parts titanium, improve drilling information, and after thousands of drilling test.
4, the use of hand pressure punch binding, not only save the cost of purchase and the use of cost, and hand pressure Thread Book Sewing Machine all mechanical configuration, to ensure high stability of the product, easy to damage the advantages.
5, scientific circuit design, heating fast, easy to adjust, stable and reliable.
6, perforated fine, riveting small, binding effect beautiful, solid, affordable, stable performance, stable operation, fast, easy maintenance.
7, a reasonable pressure riveting system structure design, can be moved up and down the core pin, the maximum reduction of the need for core pin bending possible.
8, double handle design, unique shape, beautiful appearance.
    In addition, the accounting certificate Thread Book Sewing Machine is particularly suitable for small quantities of small and medium sized enterprises and institutions daily binding use, both convenient and efficient and economical. If the binding volume is large or want more convenient, time-saving enterprises and institutions, or recommend the choice of automatic or fully automatic Thread Book Sewing Machine device, the price is not the final choice, only the right is the best. There are richer products that can meet your different needs.
Thread Book Sewing Machine is the need to pay attention to a lot of details, and today with everyone to see the use of Thread Book Sewing Machine need to pay attention to what?
1, need to power the model to be correct and safe to connect the power, should be immediately after the unplug the power plug. In lightning and other special circumstances try not to use. Note that damage to the Thread Book Sewing Machine due to power supply is not guaranteed free of charge.
2, Thread Book Sewing Machine should be used in normal office environment, to be placed in the flat, solid desktop, usually keep clean, to avoid damp, sun and so on.
3, for the adjustable punch edge of the Thread Book Sewing Machine, should pay attention to the edge position and the diameter of the ring to match, otherwise there will be the following effects of binding effect, in use, please know how to choose according to the number of binding pages specification.
1) apron small, edge position large: binding good file is not easy to flip, and may fold.
2) apron large, edge position distance: flip file, the page gap is too large, affecting the overall effect, and if a long time flip prone to fall off the page phenomenon.
4, comb Thread Book Sewing Machine every time in the punch should not exceed the maximum number of holes allowed by the model, with particular attention: the transparent film does not exceed 2, the cover paper does not exceed four.
5, the use of hot-melt Thread Book Sewing Machine fashion time, be sure to organize the neatly before the file can be placed in the envelope, otherwise the binding of the file will be uneven; envelope heating is completed, need to hand a little finishing fixed hot plastic, So that the binding of the text neat and tangible; just finished heating should not immediately turn the text, easy to cause scattered pages, until the plastic strip can be turned after the solidification.
6, the use of hot melt Thread Book Sewing Machine, pay attention to the machine with high temperature, beware of burns. Special attention for children.
7, the Department of Thread Book Sewing Machine Please use genuine binding materials (aprons, hot envelopes, etc.), to ensure the quality of binding to avoid damage to the machine.