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Use Book Binding Equipment For Several Note Details
Sep 20, 2017

Use Book Binding Equipment for several note details
   Book Binding Equipment is a book Binding Equipment that holds paper, plastic, leather, etc. with a staple or hot melt, nylon tube, etc. in a mechanical way (manual or automatic, fully automatic) According to different uses can be divided into industrial Book Binding Equipment and civilian Book Binding Equipment, commonly used in printing, enterprises and institutions financial office, file management and other places
  1, need to power the model to be correct and safe to connect the power, should be immediately after the unplug the power plug. In lightning and other special circumstances try not to use. Note that the damage to Book Binding Equipment due to power supply is not covered by a free warranty.
  2, Book Binding Equipment should be used in normal office environment, to be placed in the flat, solid desktop, usually keep clean, to avoid damp, sun and so on.
  3, for the adjustable Pole Border Book Binding Equipment, should pay attention to the edge position and the diameter of the ring to match, otherwise there will be the following impact of the binding effect of the situation, please know how to use the number of binding pages selected apron specifications The
  1) apron small, edge position large: binding good file is not easy to flip, and may fold. Apron large, edge position distance: flip file, the page gap is too large, affecting the overall effect, and if a long time to flip prone to fall page phenomenon.
  4, comb Binding Equipment must not exceed the maximum number of perforations allowed for this model at the time of punching. Special attention: No more than 2 sheets at one time and no more than four sheets of paper.
  5, the use of hot book Book Binding Equipment timing, be sure to keep the documents neatly into the envelope, otherwise the binding of the file will be uneven; envelope heating is completed, need to hand a little finishing fixed hot glue, so Binding the text neat and tangible; just finished heating should not immediately turn the text, easy to cause scattered pages, to be solidified after the tape to be solidified.
  6, the use of hot book Book Binding Equipment, pay attention to the machine with high temperature, beware of burns. Special attention for children.
  7, each section Book Binding Equipment Please use genuine binding materials (aprons, hot melt envelopes, etc.), to ensure the quality of binding, so as not to damage the machine.
    Binding Equipment Co., Ltd. for you is simple and practical for the following methods to help you complete the voucher with the faster completion of the book. How to quickly and beautifully complete the work is necessary for some of the skills;
    Book Binding Equipment method can be divided into three, according to the direction of binding are binding line binding method, package angle binding method, both of which are from the left. Which the upper left corner of the angle after the method is more beautiful, and the left binding method is simple; the last one is the jam method. First in the left folder plug. Voucher cutting section can be done plug, you can also use paper folding plug, or with a special carton cut into a plug, it is very skillful.
  Binding should be noted that the subject summary table and T-type account form into the book, so find a more convenient when a document. Even if the computer has been used, but the subject summary table should still be stapled in, so do not see the account will be able to know the amount of the month
   Book Binding Equipment parameter specifications are roughly binding thickness and binding specifications two.
  [Binding thickness]:
  Binding thickness is the thickness of the book Binding Equipment can be bound, usually in millimeters (mm) as a unit, but some products are bound by the number of pages (number of sheets) to measure. The general book Binding Equipment can be stapled with a thickness of between 20mm and 50mm, or about 400 pages. Ordinary applications can choose 20mm products. There is a special need to choose to bind the larger thickness of the product.
  [Binding specifications]:
   The stapling specifications refer to the maximum punching width and the area of the perforations, that is, the maximum width between the stapling pins used in a stapling process and the area of a pinhole. Measure this indicator with mm, drilling area with such as 3mm * 8mm this to represent.