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Tray Impact Of Imposition Is Not Suitable For
Dec 28, 2016

Imposition is the paper tray printing process is a very important process in design and related products in the production of each process can proceed smoothly, ease of quality control during the production process, paper can be rational and adequate use and impact on the ultimate effect of the tray. We have often seen, one tray forming, opening or flap apparently blowing up at both ends, this Quartet the paper tray is not correct, it is very beautiful, which is what we often call "bread box".

Mainly because of indentation aligned with paper grain direction is not suitable for the cause. If the tray openings parallel to the fiber direction, opening up will be very obvious. This is because the paper absorbs moisture during the printing process, after polishing, polishing, coating and other surface treatment processing, more or less deformed during the production process, tension-deformation occurs at the bottom of the paper larger than the surface tension, and after forming the tray has been stuck firmly on both sides, only to flare out, resulting in tray forming phenomenon of opening up too much. This situation even is paper in printing, and surface processing, processing process in the no occurred deformation, tray in packaging using process in the due to environment temperature and humidity degrees of changes, paper as long as sucking water on will occurred expansion, paper surface in after processing Hou, its surface of expansion coefficient than bottom of small, on will to outside drum, such of tray just forming Shi opening often is flat of, but as long as let paragraph time Hou, on will began muster, with placed time of added long, muster on increasingly obviously, and tray of size more big, Blowing up the phenomenon is much more obvious.