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Thread Book Sewing Machine When Used, If The Book Is Not In Place What Is The Reason
Nov 02, 2017

Thread Book Sewing Machine When used, if the book is not in place what is the reason
Thread Book Sewing Machine is a kind of mechanical equipment used in the book lock after the book, the use of Thread Book Sewing Machine can improve the production of books, from the page finishing and punching to the lock line, Thread Book Sewing Machine are Can be a perfect deal, but there may be a problem in the use of the book is not in place, which is what causes it?
1, send the book under the press time is not accurate. Adjust the press time according to the "User's Guide".
2, send the book wheel and send the letter between the wheel of the small friction. As the signature material or thickness of different, the need for friction is not the same. The wear of the book wheel will also make the friction smaller. Turn the lock nut counterclockwise to adjust the bolts clockwise to increase the friction of the feed wheel to a sufficient amount to deliver the signature to the station. Then lock the nut.
3, when the table and send a tripod tripod into a straight line, the delivery of the front edge of the signature (rules side) should be more than the vertical line to send the letter line 50mm.
4, to send the chain of the push post position is not correct, push the signature too late, should be the location of the delivery chain in accordance with the "instructions" adjustment.
5, send the book wheel speed is low. Adjust the clock speed knob to increase the speed.
In fact, the use of Thread Book Sewing Machine failure is not just this problem, such as broken needle, uneven, etc. are likely to occur, but we can not choke, although the Thread Book Sewing Machine may still have a lot of problems, but as long as the use of In the attention of some, it is entirely possible to avoid the occurrence of these problems, Thread Book Sewing Machine manufacturers are also constantly improve the Thread Book Sewing Machine manufacturing process.
Now the continuous development of society, people's living standards are constantly improving, scientific and technological progress to promote the development of industrial society. Now the machinery and equipment are slowly becoming more and more. The Thread Book Sewing Machine and a series of postpress equipment make the current binding industry more and more rapid. But the Thread Book Sewing Machine or postpress equipment in the use of some of the problems when we should be how to solve it?
Thread Book Sewing Machine The reason for the uncut problem and its exclusion are as follows:
① thread knife from the threading needle too far, adjust the position of the arbor, smooth hook the yarn.
② book back on the plastic. The thickness of the adhesive is generally controlled between 0.6 - 2mm, the adhesive layer to be uniform. Gums on the thin, affecting the bond strength; glue on the increase in cost. The length of the adhesive should be slightly shorter than the size of the cover size l - 2mm. Too long easy to cause the remaining glue mechanical transmission parts, so that failure; too short will cause the book back, the feet empty, affecting the quality of the book.
③ on the side of the plastic. In order to ensure the quality of the appearance of the book, the book core and the cover between the side of the plastic, the width of the side of the rubber is generally 3-7mm, side of the thinner requirements, the more uniform the better, which requires hot melt adhesive Well, the temperature must be controlled at about 180 ° C.
Do not use the primer for the side of the plastic, or will make the book cover on the bar, affecting the quality of books.
Thread Book Sewing Machine Due to improper use or long-term use will make Thread Book Sewing Machine a series of problems, which will appear uncut. The first time to cut off the Thread Book Sewing Machine, and then slowly according to the problem of Thread Book Sewing Machine for a step by step to exclude. Finally find the maintenance of the maintenance, the replacement of the replacement. It can be a good solution to the Thread Book Sewing Machine uncut problem.