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Thread Book Sewing Machine Development Direction
Jun 14, 2017

Thread Book Sewing Machine development direction

The development of packaging adhesives is subject to strict environmental regulations, human life and health awareness and production safety requirements. In order to reduce the environmental pollution of the product, the first is to reduce the demand for organic solvent adhesive; secondly, the content of volatile organic compounds in water-based adhesives is gradually reduced. At present, Europe has not allowed adhesive manufacturers to use chlorine-containing organic compounds in aqueous emulsions. As a result, the use of hot melt adhesives and other solvent-free adhesives is increasing during the production of paper, packaging, labels and soft composites. In the production of paper packaging, in order to meet the requirements of high-speed production line, hot melt adhesive is used for sealing, and part of the laminating process to increase the use of water emulsion ratio.

At the same time, in order to better save energy hot melt adhesive use temperature range is not too harsh, you can use low Thread Book Sewing Machine melting point hot melt adhesive. Metal and polymer laminating technology, because there is no use of solvents, compared with other laminated technology, has obvious environmental advantages, the future will be rapid development. In order to reduce the ecological damage, packaging materials requirements can be recycled. Adhesives can be easily removed during recycling. For example, the use of adhesives in the production of paper packaging is required to be easily filtered out during the re-pulping of the paper product. Another way is the use of micro-biodegradable adhesives, such adhesives will become an important direction of development.

All in all, in the future for a long time, the packaging industry is still the main area of adhesive use. With the adhesive bonding performance continues to improve, the technical progress of the bonding process will be the choice of packaging materials, packaging and processing equipment to improve the positive impact. At present, the packaging industry is facing Thread Book Sewing Machine environmental requirements and manufacturing, assembly line of high-speed requirements, is the development of packaging adhesive in two directions.

Thread Book Sewing Machine safe operating procedures [printing]

1, before the start of the lubrication points on the refueling, the equipment parts of the inspection, check the drive by jogging whether the fault.

2, before the boot to clean up the surrounding environment, safety cover to be good, the table is not allowed to place foreign ody.

3, the machine must be operated by three people. (Into this, the book, Tim cover)

4, after the machine is properly adjusted, placed in the cover paper on the appropriate amount of cover, close the host power switch, open the pump, the function of the rotation placed in the automatic delivery "A", according to the package to determine whether to open the cutter motor. Open the caller to start the button, turn the host speed control button, select the appropriate host work speed, and finally open the host running button, the machine will be in the quasi-work idle state. As long as the operator put the book core into the book holder, the machine will automatically complete all the plastic process.

5, the machine is running, do not touch the glue furnace by hand, so as not to burn.

6, the machine is running, do not touch the milling cutter parts, so as not to bumps.

7, encountered unexpected emergency, quickly press the emergency stop button.