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The Use Of Special Equipment For Binding Equipment
May 27, 2017

 Book Binding Equipment The use of special equipment for binding equipment Special pad is a binding equipment supplies, when the machine drilling up to the required number of times, or did not reach the required number of times the rubber pad was penetrated or was significantly damaged, please change the pad position or replace the new pad

  In general, when the binding device is drilled for a specified number of times, the corresponding indicator light flashes on the control panel, and the LCD screen prompts:

  Operation: press the prompt to convert the pad to a position, press the reset button to continue working.

  Note: Do not use ordinary pads or other alternatives! Binding equipment dedicated pad side after use, shall not use the other side

  To change the position of the pad and replace the new pad:

  1, turn off the power switch;

  2, with the L-shaped cone from the slide into the groove, the pad out;

  3, the pads to the appropriate location, or into the new pad.

  Automatic binding machine is developed on the basis of automatic binding machine. The series of binding equipment after years of technical upgrading and structural optimization, so that the binding operation to achieve full automation, easy operation, safe and reliable, economical and practical. Widely used in banking, industry and commerce, taxation and other industrial and mining enterprises and institutions of the financial account books, document specifications of the binding, forming beautiful, has been fully recognized by the market

  Many customers in the purchase of binding machines do not know from which aspects to judge the merits of a binding machine, the face of different types of different brands of binding machines can not start. Here, to introduce a few in the purchase of binding machine must consider the parameters:

  Binding specifications

  Book Binding Equipment The stapling specifications refer to the maximum perforation width and the area of the perforations, that is, the maximum width between a staple pinhole used in a stapling process and the area of a pinhole. Measure this indicator with mm, punching area with such as 3mm * 8mm this to represent.

  Binding thickness

  Binding thickness is the thickness of the binding machine can bind the file, usually in millimeters (mm) as a unit, but some products are binding pages (number of pages) to measure. The general binding machine can bind the thickness of more than 20mm to 50mm between, there are special requirements of 70mm, or 400 to 700 pages or so. Ordinary applications can choose 20mm products. There is a special need to choose to bind the larger thickness of the product.

  Product stability

  Book Binding Equipment The stability of the product is mainly to examine the quality of products and after-sales service, it is the life of the machine and the machine in the course of any failure of a strong guarantee. Market imitation products more, the same kind of product prices are very different, not because of low prices and choose unprotected products, the views of the majority of friends must choose a national inspection and a good after-sales service products.