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The Use And Use Of The Booklet Trimming Machine
Jun 30, 2017

The use and use of the Booklet Trimming Machine
Brochure trimming machine is mainly used for rubber products after the burr processing automation, plastic nozzle pruning automation;
Method of operation:
   Brochure trimming machine is divided into feeding silo, work warehouse and out of the warehouse, in the feeding warehouse into the need to separate or split the rubber products, in the operation panel to close the door of the operating instructions, brochures trim opportunities automatically Rubber products, the separation of a series of work in the out of the warehouse for the material, and the separation of rubber products, the entire operation of safe, fast, seamless access to the material, just feeding can be continuous flow operation.
  ● Production efficiency is high, a brochure trimming machine daily processing amount is equivalent to 20-100 skilled workers hook hair side workload (the smaller the product, the greater the production capacity, especially for the outer diameter of 3mm-80 mm rubber Products). Brochure trimming machine can automatically control the demolition speed and time, so that the entire operation process to achieve intelligent, work efficiency is more than 20-1000 times the manual operation, each machine can be processed 10 hours of small rubber miscellaneous pieces of more than 15 million pcs, Separation rate of 99% or more, after processing products are not deformed, no damage.
  ● brochure trimming machine to the side of the quality and stability, separation accuracy and pass rate are much higher than the manual operation (traditional hand hook hook edge operation slow, burr, scratch, hook, mix, dirt and other serious) The
  ● Comparison Booklet Trimming Machine cost-effective, low cost, less than 4 degrees per hour power consumption, do not need to use liquid nitrogen, and equipment prices much lower than the brochure trimmer or imported equipment. Processing any rubber products, do not need the mold and the efficiency is higher than the stamping to the way.
  ● The machine sub-warehouse and the warehouse, into the material seamless docking, no need to restart each stop and other actions, just feeding can be continuous flow operation. The entire process using CNC frequency control, easy to understand, more intuitive and convenient, more accurate and safe operation. Ordinary workers can be operated independently for half an hour.
The brochure trimmer consists of a rack, a control panel provided on the upper side of the rack, and a power unit located below the control panel inside the rack. The other end of the rack is welded at an angle to the horizontal direction of the rack A master cylinder support and a deburring device provided on the master cylinder support, characterized in that the deburring device comprises a master cylinder, a pulley device provided at the center of the bottom plane of the master cylinder, a pulley device disposed at the top of the pulley device, The turntable.

The center of the turntable is provided with a cylindrical protrusion, the center of the turntable is provided with a hole which matches the cylindrical protrusion, the turntable and the turntable base are provided with corresponding screw holes and Auxiliary screw.

The pulley is provided with a pulley in the axial direction of the bottom end of the pulley device, and the pulley is driven by the power device.

The outside of the bottom of the master cylinder is provided with a notch at a right angle in the horizontal direction, and a pneumatic discharge door is arranged at the notch. The outlet of the pneumatic discharge door is provided with a guide slot and the output slot is inclined downward.

The top of the master cylinder has a circular opening with the upper edge of the master cylinder above the upper edge of the frame.