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The Reason For The Inaccurate Positioning Of Thread Book Sewing Machine
Sep 11, 2017

 The reason for the inaccurate positioning of Thread Book Sewing Machine
Is the book to print the final book, after a long period of use, Thread Book Sewing Machine products will be some failure, then the specific solution which? Let the professional production of Thread Book Sewing Machine manufacturers to introduce you.
1, send the book under the press time is not accurate. Adjust the press time according to the "User's Guide".
2, Thread Book Sewing Machine up and down to send the book wheel gap is too large, resulting in Thread Book Sewing Machine sent book wheel and send the letter between the wheel of the friction between the small, due to the material or thickness of the signature, the need for friction Force is not the same. The wear of the book wheel will also make the friction smaller. Tighten the lock nut counterclockwise, clockwise adjustment of the bolt, Thread Book Sewing Machine so that the wheel of the wheel to increase the friction to be enough to accurately transfer the letter to the station by the rules. Then lock the nut.
3, when the table and send a tripod tripod into a straight line, the delivery of the front edge of the signature (rules side) should be more than the vertical line to send the letter line 50mm.
4, copy the chain of the post position is not correct, Thread Book Sewing Machine push the signature too late, should be the location of the delivery chain in accordance with the "instructions" adjustment.
5, send the book wheel speed is low. In the operation panel clockwise to adjust the speed of the wheel, until each post can be accurate in place.
Our products also include stapled machinery, no matter how thick the book, after a reasonable layout with our binding machine binding can go through a long time to read, look forward to more editing agencies, printing agencies and our cooperation.
  Thread Book Sewing Machine is the product of high-speed development of the post-press binding industry, which is the combination of design concept and technological progress. Thread Book Sewing Machine has been in constant development, but its development is a certain characteristic.
    1, the speed is faster and more stable In order to adapt to the postpress press industry, the urgent need for high speed, the manufacturers using the latest modern design methods and techniques to design and optimize the Thread Book Sewing Machine mechanical institutions, such as In addition, the optimization and improvement of the cam curve improves the stability and reliability of the motion of each mechanism, and it is possible to improve the stability and reliability of the mechanism. Thread Book Sewing Machine The maximum speed of 200 to 220 posts / minute is no longer a very difficult thing
    2, automation, adjust the preparation time is short
Automation is an important trend in the development of Thread Book Sewing Machine technology. With the small batch, on-demand printing is increasing, Thread Book Sewing Machine need to quickly set, boot time to become a very important measure of the user requirements can be done without tools ready to start, all kinds of settings are By the computer system programming to automatically adjust the opening. To ASTER220SAThread Book Sewing Machine, for example, as long as the control screen, enter the binding length, width, number of pages and posts, computer and PLC system will be able to Thread Book Sewing Machine book positioning device, Folder scraper, conveyor belt and chain and the height of the desk to automatically adjust, and for the size of the letter to the base set to set, so that the time to shorten the time to minimize.
    3, fine needle, small stitch
Because the Thread Book Sewing Machine at the end of the needle when the hole is larger, in the hardcover book after the process on the gum, the infiltration glue, easy to damage the book core, for the coated paper book core more easily damaged, so the bottom needle to take smaller Of the diameter in line with the development trend of Thread Book Sewing Machine, the current minimum diameter of the bottom needle has reached 1.6mm; Thread Book Sewing Machine Needle pitch is easy to produce large problems, resulting in book core tightness and flatness difference book core binding Quality and appearance of the problem, so the domestic and foreign part of the Thread Book Sewing Machine manufacturers have improved the corresponding bookshelves, needle plate and lift planes and other institutions, so that the pitch from the original 23.55-24mm reduced.
    In short, Thread Book Sewing Machine in the promotion of technology and the continuous improvement of demand, will be developing better and better, more and more adapt to today's binding industry trends.