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The Principle Of The Thread Book Sewing Machine
Jun 30, 2017

The principle of the Thread Book Sewing Machine
 Locking stapler is a use of centrifugal principle, the use of suspension blocking to complete the product processing of new technologies; cylinder with automatic control of the rotating discs to promote high-speed rotation of rubber products and continuous impact, so that the edges and products separated from each other, thus To achieve the function of removing the burr, the perfect replacement of the traditional use of hand, frozen and punching and other processes to achieve the rubber molded products trim finishing automatic post-processing.
   Thread Book Sewing Machine simple operation, the processing of different products without changing the mold, after processing the product success rate is high, up to 99% or more, you can achieve rubber and plastic products trim the continuous flow of operations, the entire process using CNC frequency control, The steps are easy to understand, different products can be achieved corresponding to the processing technology, equipment with parameter settings, storage, call, modify and other functions. Seamless access to the material, do not need to restart each time and other actions, just feeding can be continuous flow operation.
   Locking Stapler for all rubber seals and other rubber molding, the injection of miscellaneous pieces of demolition operations, can be directly plastic parts of the plastic processing. Detachable products such as 0-ring, Y-ring, gasket, rubber plug, rubber, solid shaped rubber parts or wall thickness of 1mm or more, burr within 0.1-0.3mm, metal-free, (Also known as hand torn mold) of various rubber miscellaneous pieces of products and plastic products.
With the plastic rubber on the status of society is getting heavier and heavier, Thread Book Sewing Machine is also quietly born, and thus rubber equipment manufacturers are constantly increasing. The application of rubber has been involved in automotive, electronic appliances, medical, household appliances, building materials, packaging, printing, agriculture, water conservancy, municipal engineering, transportation, transportation, cosmetic, food, aerospace, clothing, style, furniture, gifts Areas, and applications in these areas are continually expanding. Rubber industry is usually closely linked with the people's livelihood for the community to increase the accumulation of basic industries, the war is a quasi-military industry. Rubber industry is a large number of inclusive industry, rubber consumption in the world, the rubber products consumed more than 80% of the rubber, with its processing and production of rubber materials and products amounted to more than 35.1 million tons, summed up can be divided into Tires, hoses, tapes, plastic sheeting and profiles, plastic parts, glue, rubber shoes, such as more than 10 categories.

Thread Book Sewing Machine is an important part of the rubber industry, is to complete the production of rubber products, equipment and material base, but also characterize and weigh the rubber industry, one of the important indicators of the level of development. The advantages and disadvantages of the equipment of the Thread Book Sewing Machine are of great importance to improve the quality and production of the rubber products, reduce the production cost and energy consumption, improve the working conditions and the environment, and ensure the safe production.