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The History Of Book Binding Equipment Is Evolving
Jun 30, 2017

The history of Book Binding Equipment is evolving
Book Binding Equipment is a very important process in the process of producing miscellaneous pieces of rubber, which relates to the precision and applicability of parts, and some small rubber parts can behave more prominently. The operation of the stapler equipment has also evolved from the early craftsmanship to mechanization, and on the basis of mechanization, presents the Book Binding Equipment today. This small process shows that the Book Binding Equipment is very smart to create.
The mechanical Book Binding Equipment is a special Book Binding Equipment with a rotating blade. The blade used to match the height of the product with a high degree of match, if the goods are inside and outside the edge of the overflow edge. You can plan into a double-edged, multi-edge. To end a finish. Mechanical Book Binding Equipment processing accuracy beyond the technical Book Binding Equipment, power has doubled progress, the whole version of the set, once finished punching.
The most primitive approach is the craft Book Binding Equipment, the operator holding the tool, along the outer edge of the product, the overflow gradually repair. This method is difficult to ensure quality and low power, usually leaving the gap, traces, leaving the leak, oil and other effects of the seal of the doubt. Especially for the high demand for precision, the configuration of the goods is difficult to do completely messy, clean, and it is easy to damage the product body and the edge of the convergence.
And then later in order to ensure the quality, showing the Book Binding Equipment machine, rubber at low temperature brittle hardening, in the same low temperature conditions, thin some of the brittle some thicker than before. So, to catch the overflow has been brittle and the body is not brittle time difference, the use of overflow and the thickness of the body caused by the difference between the brittle gradient to complete the Book Binding Equipment, to apply for goods to add sensation, conflict, shock and other external forces will overflow, The product body is still in a flexible situation without damage.
At present, the technology of the Book Binding Equipment is now very sophisticated, accurate and high power, so it is a lot of focus on the selection of manufacturers, but also in this small process, the company's production to bring high power and high returns.
Book Binding Equipment is usually composed of motor, knife head, and adjustable point of view of the protective cover. Book Binding Equipment machine varieties are: Book Binding Equipment, O-ring Book Binding Equipment, Book Binding Equipment.
    The use of the stapler equipment is to be able to use the shape of the blade to form the corresponding shape of the wood, usually used as a right angle rounded rounded edges, also used for proper polishing of wood. Also widely used in the construction of beams, plates, columns, walls and other reinforcement, decoration, wall equipment, stents, railings, billboards, air conditioning outdoor unit, rail, satellite receiver elevator, steel plant plant. The use of O-ring Book Binding Equipment can save manpower, the use of attention should be: 1, the use of the site should be checked before the normal, pay attention to normal conservation. 2, the use of the right hand when the hand, along the processing of uniform movement, the speed should not be too fast. Should be in accordance with the previous edge of the operation, to avoid damage to objects. 3, after the use of power should be blocked, the eradication of dust. For the use and maintenance of carpentry Book Binding Equipment, you can continue to explore in practice, but also to refer to the commodity application manual.
    In addition to the above Book Binding Equipment machine, we also supply Book Binding Equipment. The fixed stapler is usually used for metal strip stapling equipment, that is, the metal material of the strip is removed from the burrs or chamfered into the required curvature with a fixed tool, and the range of the fixed stapler : Commonly used in tableware, stationery, hardware, sheet metal and other professional equipment. The main function: for the double-angle grinding and polishing processing. Applicable information: stainless steel, copper tape and other metal coil. Equipment advantages: with rough grinding, grinding, polishing the end of a characteristic, suitable for grinding different scales and thickness of the metal band of the slope