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The Easiest Sticky Notebook Computer Cooling Method
May 27, 2017

The easiest sticky notebook computer cooling method

  Glue Taped Notebook Machine In fact, stickers laptop computer cooling method can be considered a relatively simple way, as long as the paste stickers notebook computer carefully and meticulous, will be disassembled, and the parts can be loaded back to the original, basically have the ability to use stickers laptop to heat The. Heat grease from Taobao buy will be very cheap, see a lot of friends within 30 yuan can get.

  So, we today to use pictures to show the whole process of changing the grease it! First of all, ready to buy the heat stickers laptop and cooling copper and other essential tools. Second, the notebook is to open the back cover, we are mainly in the heat on the copper chip to do the heat paste the handling of notebook computers.

  Sticky notebook computer cooling method can still be in effect, but according to the internal structure of each product is different, the use of stickers laptop or silicone grease cooling will have a different cooling solution, the lower the temperature will be slightly different. But in comparison, stickers laptop cooling is a relatively simple way, and we next to say that the cooling method will be more and more complicated

  Four fan strong heat dissipation method

  Glue Taped Notebook Machine Notebook forum users really in order to improve the performance of the notebook Ken under the capital, the notebook upgrade to dual graphics cards, improve performance, but also did not forget to add more than two fans laptop, and finally into a combination of four fan cooling, sounds very to force, Take a look at how users do it

  Glue Taped Notebook Machine First see the two empty graphics card bit, it must be a relatively large volume of the notebook to accommodate the next, users must first upgrade to GTX 770M graphics card, and then install the cooling fan on the graphics card, help Heat dissipation.

  It is simple to show the upgrade graphics and installation of the whole process of cooling fans, but some of the details or to everyone's attention, such as the main card and vice card and SLI track walk in the main card and so on, we just carefully, It seems that this upgrade is not very difficult! In addition, the users of the dual graphics card fan cooling the final standby temperature of 48 ℃, the main card 35 ℃, vice card 42 ℃