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The Development Of Book Binding Equipment Characteristics
Nov 02, 2017

The development of Book Binding Equipment characteristics
Book Binding Equipment is the product of the high-speed development of the post-press binding industry, which is the combination of design concept and technological progress. Book Binding Equipment has been in constant development, but its development is a certain characteristic.
1, the speed is getting faster and more stable In order to adapt to the postpress press industry, the urgent need for high speed, the manufacturers using the latest modern design methods and techniques to design and optimize the Book Binding Equipment of the mechanical institutions, such as the page Part of the paging, flip, lock line part of the signature positioning, knock book device, folder book knife, etc., especially the cam curve optimization and improvement, improve the stability of the action and reliability of the agencies. Book Binding Equipment to reach the maximum speed of 200 to 220 posts / min is no longer a very difficult thing
2, automation, adjust the preparation time is short
Automation is an important trend in the development of Book Binding Equipment technology. With the small batch, on-demand printing is increasing, the stapler equipment needs to set quickly, start-up preparation time becomes a very important measure, the user does not need the tool to be ready to start, all kinds of settings by the computer System programming to automatically adjust the format. To ASTER220SA Book Binding Equipment, for example, as long as the control screen input binding length, width, number of pages and posts, computer and PLC system will be able to Book Binding Equipment, binding device, cutting knife, folder knife , The conveyor belt and the chain and the height of the desk to automatically adjust, and for the size of the letter to set the bottom of the needle, so that the time to minimize the adjustment.
3, fine needle, small stitch
Because the binding device at the end of the needle when the pinhole larger hole in the hardcover book after the process on the gum, the infiltration glue, easy to damage the book core, for the coated paper book core is more easily damaged, so the bottom needle to take a smaller diameter In line with the development trend of Book Binding Equipment, the current minimum diameter of the end of the needle has reached 1.6mm; stapler equipment needle pitch prone to large problems, resulting in book core tightness and flatness difference book core binding quality and appearance problems, so Some of the domestic and foreign Book Binding Equipment manufacturers have improved the corresponding bookshelves, bearing plate and lift planes and other institutions, so that the pitch from the original 23.55-24mm reduced.
In short, the Book Binding Equipment in the promotion of technology and the continuous improvement of demand, will be developing better and better, more and more adapt to the development trend of today's binding industry.
Book Binding Equipment is the most important step in the processing of books and magazines, there is no Book Binding Equipment, there is no books on our hands, it may be just a printed paper only after each book in the printing through the Book Binding Equipment Binding, and then through the plastic or packaging, so as to become a book or magazine, then today to talk about the use of Book Binding Equipment, a few details and need to pay attention to the place.
1, need to power the model to be correct and safe to connect the power, should be immediately after the unplug the power plug.
2, Book Binding Equipment should be used in normal office environment, to be placed in a smooth, solid desktop, usually keep clean, to avoid damp, sun and so on.
3, for the Book Binding Equipment, should pay attention to the edge position and the diameter of the ring to match, otherwise there will be the following effects of binding effect.
4, Book Binding Equipment, each time in the drilling should not exceed the maximum number of holes allowed by the model, with particular attention: Transparents no more than 2, the cover paper does not exceed four.
5, the use of Book Binding Equipment, when ordering, we must keep the documents neatly into the envelope, otherwise the binding of the documents will be uneven.
Book Binding Equipment around the work must not have non-staff, and to ensure that no other personnel around the interference, Book Binding Equipment also requires materials to be stapled, so the quality of the material is also required, qualified binding material to ensure that the binding device Stable work and binding stability.