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Talking About The Development Of Book Binding Equipment Industry
Aug 31, 2017

Talking about the Development of Book Binding Equipment Industry
    Book Binding Equipment as an important product in the packaging industry, its paper industry has a far-reaching important role, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand the binding of paper products, on the other hand in the packaging industry on the use. These two points make the Book Binding Equipment of this equipment in the market heat for a long time can not retreat.
    Some market experts in recent years on the market industry in the data analysis and found that foreign packaging output accounted for more than 30 percent of the global packaging industry, and China as a developing country, its packaging development value is even more amazing , First do not say its share in the global packaging industry.
    Just look at some parts of our country, the annual growth of data, making China's total packaging industry to reach 900 billion yuan, of which Book Binding Equipment accounted for 7.5%, reaching 67.5 million yuan. Look at our current use of Book Binding Equipment industry, covering most of the business, which is no shortage of some well-known state-owned enterprises, such as newspapers and some large binding manufacturers. Through rough statistics, China's binding enterprises have more than 9600.
    From the above form is not difficult to find, the development of Book Binding Equipment is still far from the end, still with a lot of market and space for us to develop.
 There are special types of Book Binding Equipment on the market, and the exact way of binding is different, and there are many types of Book Binding Equipment.
The main categories are comb-type Book Binding Equipment (mostly folder edge binding effect), iron Book Binding Equipment (mostly iron binding effect), hot-melt Book Binding Equipment (for the hot-melt envelope binding effect), wireless plastic installed (hot melt adhesive Binding order), financial Book Binding Equipment (that is, riveting pipe Book Binding Equipment), etc., now because the same machine everyone use different, so called the name can be some confusion, especially the file Book Binding Equipment, also known as riveting pipe Book Binding Equipment, certificate Book Binding Equipment, financial Book Binding Equipment, etc., can be more and more customers need to set the system or volume of paper Book Binding Equipment to see the concept of everyone immediately think that this is what kind of machine, the following we will set for the volume machine, the volume of Book Binding Equipment, certificate Book Binding Equipment, riveting pipe Book Binding Equipment, etc. Are they the same concept, or are there any differences?
First of all talk about their similarities, that is, supplies, are the use of riveting pipe binding, the same method of operation. There are also can be said that they are the same kind of machines, they collectively referred to as file Book Binding Equipment, use is widely used in banking, securities, insurance, telecommunications and various organs, schools, enterprises and institutions of financial files, , Book, book binding. And can be used for journals, documents, information, drawings, papers, dossiers, books and other paper binding work. That is, as long as the binding of riveting pipe material can use this machine.
As long as the material in the edge of any position can use the financial Book Binding Equipment binding (note that the edge position), and more in the binding in the left or the top corner, so the file Book Binding Equipment can be used, if someone made a large Format or in the seam away from the edge of the location that must be used to determine the professional set of machines, that is, the volume of Book Binding Equipment, special binding in the seam and large format.
 And then set the volume of equipment, such as the court, the Procuratorate, etc. in the archives on the left side of the material can use the financial Book Binding Equipment, the difference is that the order is not the same way, which is set the machine and financial Book Binding Equipment difference , All the binding method and function, the difference is that the edge can be adjusted from the edge, the maximum adjustment to 21 cm, this machine because of small niche, the process requirements are relatively high, timber cost is high, so the price is more expensive, the market sales Small, the current industry and the state of the Book Binding Equipment does not have a specific standard of guidance, that is, there is no national standard, the middle of the industry is only manual, semi-automatic, automatic, automatic there is a general distinction between the concept, each enterprise is in accordance with the basis of the use of the environment again Subdivision special models, that is, if not the industry professionals in the procurement process is easy to confuse the concept of hole margin, and then mixed with the budget procurement funds and other reasons for reference, resulting in the purchase of models and the actual use of inconsistent The phenomenon of discarded standard, so customers must figure out their own needs What binding, how binding, do not blindly because the text of a conceptual spending unnecessary costs.