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Practice The Maintenance And Management Of Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine
Jun 22, 2017

Practice the maintenance and management of Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine
 In recent years, with the continuous reform and development of the printing industry, Postpress processing of the binding process has been a backward manual operation process gradually form a mechanized, linkage, automated operation processes, equipment has been constantly updated. However, due to equipment maintenance, lack of maintenance technology, management is not in place, so that practice notebook line stapler can not run properly, delay the delivery of books or the quality of books and periodicals have occurred. Here on how the author of the binding equipment maintenance and repair management, to talk about personal views.
The Economic Significance of Maintenance and Management of Binding Equipment
Equipment maintenance, maintenance, although not a direct economic benefits, but to extend the service life of equipment, give full play to the potential of the equipment has a role can not be ignored. For example, the factory ZYH670A folding machine has been to the retirement age, but through maintenance and repair can still be used normally, the treatment measures are as follows:
(1) Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine Disassemble all the rolls to make the grinding wheel, so that it can meet the requirements when adjusting the gap.
(2) check, adjust the folding roller rotation gear clearance, check the bearing for damage.
(3) Check the key of each connecting part, the pin is loose and damaged, and replace the damaged parts.
(4) to do the whole system to repair the oil circuit, gas, replace the oil and so on.
After repair, equipment life can be extended 3 to 5 years. At that time, if the equipment for TM to need about 15,000 yuan, and the factory will only spend more than 2,000 yuan will practice the notebook line stapler accuracy and all the functions of recovery.
Another example of the factory in 1998 to buy the BBY40 / 5-type disk package of the machine, the use of 2002, the parts of the serious wear and tear, the package does not meet the quality requirements. So for all loose keys, pins re-processing, re-replace the worn copper sleeve, re-adjust the loose gear. From the demolition, processing parts to re-install use, a total cost of less than 2,000 yuan, saving a lot of money.
Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine In recent years, step-by-step process step by step mechanization, automation. According to the author understand that the major institutions in the country has not set up special binding machinery professional, employees are working side of the side of the study, the accumulation of experience. Therefore, in the introduction of binding equipment at the same time must pay attention to the cultivation of technical personnel, to strengthen the staff of the technical training. Training content can be divided into two aspects: one is the technical maintenance required by the relevant technical theory; the other is for the equipment control system analysis of the principle, the specific device function and testing and maintenance of technical training. In addition, special attention should be paid to the technical staff in the practice of notebook line stapler actual installation and operation of the on-site training, it is best to require equipment suppliers to the factory technical and maintenance personnel on-site training, how the equipment maintenance and Prone to the problem to do a detailed explanation.
Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine When the notebook line stapler fails and the maintenance personnel must determine the location and type of the fault (electrical or mechanical failure) in the shortest possible time, find out the cause of the fault and the source of the fault, and then replace the corresponding Faulty components, troubleshooting. Therefore, maintenance personnel must understand the mechanical structure of various parts of the equipment, electrical control principle, control device module structure and working principle, through the actual maintenance work experience, proficient in a variety of fault phenomena to determine and test methods. At the same time, maintenance personnel should be more discussion and exchange, in order to improve its overall technical level.