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Panel Control Board-cutting Machine Has The Following Features:
Dec 28, 2016

1. using the latest high speed motor control a dedicated DSP chip to ensure quick response of vector control.

2. modular design of hardware circuit, ensure that the circuit is stable and efficient operation

3. the unique "excavator" Adaptive control characteristics, maximum motor torque during the running shoe-box machine automatically limit, effectively inhibit the flow of frequent trip 10 input voltage, output voltage automatic voltage regulator (AVR), instantly without power outages, greater ability to adapt.

4. built-in standard MODBUS RTU ASCII communications protocol, users can be achieved through the PC/PLC control PC Converter 485 communication network centralized control.

5. using independent duct design, fans are free to remove, good heat dissipation.

6. built-in advanced PID algorithms, fast response, adaptable, simple debug; 16-speed control, simple PLC time, speed, direction and other multi-functional logic control, flexible control to suit a variety of different complicated working conditions requirements.

7. design combined with European car design concept, fluid lines, beautiful 9 PG vector control, PG vector control, torque control, V/F control can select 5 powerful programmable Terminal input/output function, speed pulse inputs, two analog outputs.