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Origin And Development Of Thread Book Sewing Machine
Aug 18, 2017

Origin and development of Thread Book Sewing Machine
 The Thread Book Sewing Machine first came from Japan, is used to pierce the weapons of the piercing and then line binding. With the rapid development of industrial machinery and equipment, technology is also constantly updated. Gradually also entered the Chinese market, and in the introduction of mechanical technology and digital technology in this combination, has been innovative. Thread Book Sewing Machine application range is also constantly widening, continuation of the industry has gradually increased. Thread Book Sewing Machine in the equipment performance also continue to strengthen, to improve, high-tech. To create a global Thread Book Sewing Machine.
    Today, the Thread Book Sewing Machine can be driven by the circuit automation control of office equipment, in schools, hospitals, government agencies, enterprises and so will be common this device. Its presence gives people a great deal of convenience, saving labor and reducing the cost of resources. Advanced Thread Book Sewing Machine no longer use the traditional machinery, without manual pressure riveting, the operation is simple. Operating fast. And add many humanities technology, foot pad automatic rotation, laser positioning, voice failure broadcast, voice junk tips, etc., the Chinese people through the crystallization of wisdom will lock the line stapler has a qualitative change.
   Thread Book Sewing Machine in our daily life is rare, it is a kind of office equipment. The specific explanation is that it is an automated way to mechanize the punch on the paper, punching done in a variety of ways after all the holes in the paper to sort out, with the binding material to be bound into a book equipment. Thread Book Sewing Machine can be divided into two kinds, one is the financial Thread Book Sewing Machine, that is, certificate Thread Book Sewing Machine, the other is the electric Thread Book Sewing Machine, that is, automatic Thread Book Sewing Machine The One of the automatic Thread Book Sewing Machine is China's latest Thread Book Sewing Machine. It uses digital microcontroller program control, to complete the binding. It eliminated the traditional manual binding method, significant savings in human input. Sometimes in order to more user-friendly operation and use, and some automatic Thread Book Sewing Machine also installed voice prompts, welcomed by the majority of users.
     Thread Book Sewing Machine, is our daily life commonly used in binding paper a mechanical tool, this argument is mainly refers to our life with a Thread Book Sewing Machine. Industrial Thread Book Sewing Machine refers to the manual or automatic mechanical operation of the paper, leather, plastic and other special materials into the book of the machine. Thread Book Sewing Machine in China's development so far, commonly used Thread Book Sewing Machine type comb type apron lock stapler, iron Thread Book Sewing Machine, hot melt Thread Book Sewing Machine, Line stapler.
Comb type apron lock stapler, it is a simple structure, easy to operate the Thread Book Sewing Machine, it has two binding methods, a traditional binding method, the other is the loose book binding method. It is suitable for small text printing society. There are two types of stapler stapler, one is a one-third coil lock stapler, one is a half coil lock stapler. One-third of the coil lock stapler is suitable for binding less text, half of the coil Thread Book Sewing Machine is suitable for binding thick text. A hot-melt lock stapler is a lock-line stapler that binds text through hot glue. Strip lock stapler is also a simple structure, easy to operate the Thread Book Sewing Machine, generally applicable to graphic tool shop.
 Thread Book Sewing Machine is a high-tech, highly intelligent and have a very competitive integration of products. The Thread Book Sewing Machine in the country and abroad are different, our domestic Thread Book Sewing Machine is focused on production capacity, and production efficiency, the second point is whether the resources can be more efficient use. The third point is that domestic products pay more attention to energy saving, and how to reduce costs. The fourth point is to make high-tech technology more practical, so as to improve production efficiency and production of products more grade. The fifth is to let the results of scientific research products to achieve business, so that Thread Book Sewing Machine products toward the direction of intelligent product development.
And foreign color is different, such as the United States is the originator of the Thread Book Sewing Machine is such a long history of the country, and has long formed a complete packaging machinery industry system, sales is the world's first. Such as certificate Thread Book Sewing Machine and other products have been maintained in the leading position in sales.