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Multi-purpose Tray Forming Machine Considerations
Dec 28, 2016

Try not to get in the following situations:

1, vibration, rocking occasion.

2, where direct sunlight.

3, high temperature, dust and damp places.

4, AC supply this machine should be grounded, to ensure safe use.

5, do not use strong solvents (such as benzene, Nitro-class oil) washing machine usage.

6, not the injected water and debris to prevent damage electrical components and contacts.

7, the instrument displays the disassembly and debugging can only be approved by the National Department of units and is responsible for the company, other people without an overhaul.

8, check the safety gate is closed, open the emergency stop button and reset, press the Start button.

9, check whether the quality in the production process to meet the requirement, check if the glue cylinder is lack.

10, shutting down

11, press the stop button.

12, turn off the power, the gas source.