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Multi-function Book Binding Equipment Is A New Book Binding Equipment
Oct 20, 2017

Multi-function Book Binding Equipment is a new Book Binding Equipment
Book Binding Equipment is a widely used mechanical equipment, it is through the mechanical way to paper, plastic, leather and other binding nails or hot melt adhesives, nylon tube and other materials fixed Book Binding Equipment. Book Binding Equipment in accordance with the use of different is divided into industrial Book Binding Equipment and civilian Book Binding Equipment, including civilian Book Binding Equipment are often used in printing plants, enterprises and archives and other places.
Most of the original Book Binding Equipment is manual Book Binding Equipment, the other can only be used for binding paper, stapling process time and labor. With the rapid development of science and technology, the traditional manual Book Binding Equipment is slowly replaced by automatic Book Binding Equipment or automatic Book Binding Equipment, only a small part of the manual Book Binding Equipment has also been used. Currently on the market there is a new type of Book Binding Equipment is selling, that is, multi-function Book Binding Equipment. Multi-function Book Binding Equipment is a set of financial Book Binding Equipment and file Book Binding Equipment in one of the new generation of Book Binding Equipment, especially for daily financial credentials, file binding needs of customers, binding costs lower.
Book Binding Equipment is through the mechanical way to paper, plastic, leather and other binding nails or hot melt adhesives, nylon tube and other materials fixed Book Binding Equipment. The electric Book Binding Equipment is fully automatic Book Binding Equipment, it is the power as the power source, through the machine within the automatic mechanism to achieve automatic binding function. Electric Book Binding Equipment for a wide range of widely used in offices, financial rooms, schools, offices and other departments have the needs of the binding requirements of the companies and units.
Why the scope of application of electric Book Binding Equipment will be so extensive, it in the end what excels? Here Xiaobian give you a list of the advantages of electric Book Binding Equipment binding:
1, unconditional fastening binding: a unique drilling pressure riveting system, for any special folding, irregular binding, whether it is angle, slope, the middle sandwich can easily stapling;
2, the drill wear automatic monitoring system: When the electric Book Binding Equipment drill bit blunt after no manual judgment, the system can automatically detect and automatically return the drill bit, while prompting the operator grinding drill;
3, electric Book Binding Equipment machine using cpu control, the whole punching process to complete a key, accurate action, stable operation;
4, pressure riveting system with 36 volts safe voltage supply of the unique design to ensure the safety of the operator;
5, the security system is extremely perfect: in any case, just press the "stop" button, electric Book Binding Equipment will be an emergency stop, without any inertia;
6, the use of internal chip removal and quiet design, completely solve the traditional binding process of paper dust, dust and noise on the human body hazards;
7, high-quality nylon casing binding, binding easy and convenient and stapler more beautiful and durable, will not produce a single page off, binding of the document to ensure durability for more than 20 years;
8, the scientific pressure, speed ratio design, eliminating the electric Book Binding Equipment drill bit clogging and breaking phenomenon;
9, rigorous scientific design, precision machining, strict quality control of the production process, a strong guarantee of the quality of the machine.
Voucher Book Binding Equipment is widely used in office and other office occasions, it is simple to operate, can achieve a key binding. Voucher Book Binding Equipment performance is stable, durable and durable, generally not a problem, even if there are problems, are also small problems, generally can handle their own good. Here, we teach you to deal with the problem easily.
If the machine is at work, if there is a fault or alarm, the panel of the document binding device will be lit or flashing. After you see the fault prompt, follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.
After the punching equipment does not cut the material, no interception riveting stapling. Generally need to be detected from three aspects: cutting motor is rotating, cutting pipe and gear directly from the distance is too large, cutting the detection switch angle is correct.
In the normal work, the sudden occurrence of feed alarm, light flashes. First check whether the riveting pipe is running out or lack of material. Insert the top of the stapler with the needle from the inlet and insert it into the plastic tubing. Select the clockwise direction and place the remaining tube on the needle and pull it out along with the needle. Then re-install the new rivets. Note that the riveting tube should not bend, so as not to be used normally.