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Lock Line Stapler Side Set And Saddle Set Two Forms
May 27, 2017

The stapler is a stapling method that staples the staples with a needle, thread, or rope.

  Two forms

  There are two types of stapler binding and saddle set.

  Side set

  Side is bound by the binding line along the direction of the spine through the books. Like some publications and so often used side set method, side set way binding firm, but can not be completely tiled to start. Manual side set in the library or book repair work is most commonly used; in the use of machine side timing, the needle attached to a line through the drill hole, the use of square lock line form, the pages together. The two-line stapling uses a structure similar to that of a household sewing machine needle and a bobbin. The difference with the sewing machine is that the needle passes through the hole that has been drilled and connects the pages together.

  Saddle set

  Thread Book Sewing Machine The saddle is a method of binding the bookbars along the middle folds through the signatures. Because the use of saddle book books easy to spread, so this binding method is more common side. In the automatic ride, the signature is transferred from the hopper to the feed saddle, which is equipped with a scanner to monitor the entire operation. A roller presses the letter on the protective screen in front of the feed saddle, and the conveyor belt transfers the signature to the saddle for binding. After binding, a separate device separates the gutter, the book falls on another conveyor, is shipped to the trimmer, and then delivered or transported to the bookcase streamline.


  Thread Book Sewing Machine Trimming machine refers to the book core in the folded or uneven part of the cut off to form a neat and smooth edge and can cut all the pages of the adhesive device. In addition to the mechanical binding and loose-leaf binding, it follows the entire stapling process, as part of a book finishing or online book binding process. Trimming machine by the cutter, sub-file rules and after the file composition. This system can be the top of the book, the bottom and side of the three directions at the same time cutting without having to change the settings. Most of the book core is through the finishing line with the saddle stitching machine and wireless binding linked to the three knife / five cutter cut to complete this part of the work.

  The trimmer cuts off the excess parts of the book or magazine from the top, bottom, and edge. As part of the entire book binding line, the book core is automatically transferred from the stapler to the trimmer, and the trimmer machine may cut the front of the book core while cutting the other Behind the edge. Each book core is loaded to the trimmer's feed rail and sent to the side cutting knife where the cutter is cut at the top and bottom of the book core. When the side of the knife removed, the front of the cutting knife will cut the edge of the book core, remove the folding page of the overlap, making every page books can be opened. The jars are lifted and placed in the conveyor belt, and the bookcass is sent to the counter or stacker. The air blast will blow the paper on the trimmer machine so that the machine can trim the next book.

  If a book core is printed in double prints, that is, two sets of books are printed and stapled together, then if you are cut on three sides (if not too thick, it may be cut on five sides). Five-sided cutting trimming machine can also handle three copies of the printed book core。