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Interpreting The Automatic Book Binding Equipment Selection Precautions
Oct 11, 2017

For automatic book Binding Equipment I would like to use in everyday use is one of the essential office supplies, so today Xiaobian to introduce in the purchase of this Book Binding Equipment when to pay attention to what the problem.
1, binding specifications
Book Binding Equipment Binding specifications are the maximum punch width and punch area, that is, the maximum width between a staple pinhole used in a stapling process and the area of a pinhole. Measure this indicator with mm, drilling area with such as 3mm * 8mm this to represent.
2, binding thickness
Book Binding Equipment Binding thickness is the thickness of the book Binding Equipment that can be stapled, usually in millimeters (mm), but some products are constant with the number of stapled pages. The general book Binding Equipment can book the thickness of more than 20mm to 50mm between, there are special requirements of 70mm, or 400 to 700 or so. Ordinary applications can choose 20mm products. There is a special need to choose to bind the larger thickness of the product. This article collected from the office supplies supermarkets.
3, product stability
The stability of the product is mainly to examine the quality of products and after-sales service, accounting documents Book Binding Equipment is the life of the machine and the machine in the course of any failure of a strong guarantee. At present, more market imitation products, the same kind of product prices are very different, not because of low prices and choose unprotected products.
In fact, in front of the book Book Binding Equipment knowledge we have introduced a lot, including the daily maintenance and daily use I believe we should have mastered some, including the characteristics of the financial file Book Binding Equipment We also introduced several The But these are not enough, we should protect against the season, the following to introduce how to book Binding Equipment in winter protection.
Such as winter books often appear Book Binding Equipment Bubble accidental explosion and other issues, so we have to book Binding Equipment in the time to pay attention, such as Book Binding Equipment problems, we can not use brute force operation, but should be the following measures an examination,
For the Book Binding Equipment can not operate properly, check the following table
① can not work after the boot, the power is valid
② clamping plate can not automatically clamp, whether there is foreign body into the binding slot, if the power off and then remove.
③ Hold the push plate is always in the closed state, press the RESET button for the Book Binding Equipment nail book Book Binding Equipment Do not warm up Please check the sensor is out of order. For bookkeeping books Book Binding Equipment Nails are cut and the heating temperature is not enough to adjust the heating.
For Book Binding Equipment When you find that the binding quality is poor, please check if the number of pages you have stapled exceeds the maximum capacity of the envelopes. If you have not installed the front page, Cooling only the text flat on the table, the selected envelope has a quality problem: glue is not enough, the performance of plastic is not suitable for hot stencil binding.
For the book Binding Equipment can not be normal operation, please check the following table ① can not work normally after the boot, the power is valid ② clamping plate can not automatically clamp, whether there is foreign matter fell into the binding slot, if the power off and then remove The ③ clamping push plate is always in the closed state, press the RESET button
For Book Binding Equipment Machine vibration should check whether the desktop is smooth.
For Book Binding Equipment, you should see if the hot melt level has reached the bottom of the rubber wheel.
For book vouchers Book Binding Equipment indicates that the red light is off and the heating plate does not warm up and the power supply should be checked.
For a Book Binding Equipment Enclosure, insert a yellow light and the buzzer should remove the cover and check if a pair of transparent clips are off And wipe the dust on it, and then check the location of a pair of infrared receiver tube is moving, if it is aligned with the positive.