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How To Use Manual Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine
Oct 11, 2017

How to use manual manual Notebook Wire Stitching Machine, the general accounting staff will be very familiar with the accounting vouchers by the accounting staff on the audit of the original documents or summary of the original vouchers, according to the contents of their economic business to be sorted as a basis for registration books Of the accounting vouchers. The vouchers are based on the economic business contents or the content of the reflected economic transactions. The accounting personnel shall fill in the vouchers in accordance with the stipulated Format and content, in addition to the record must be true, complete content, fill in a timely manner, writing clearly, must also meet the following requirements: Summary column is a brief description of the contents of the economic business, requiring text to be simple, In order to meet the requirements of the registration books, should be based on the contents of the economic business, in accordance with the provisions of the accounting system to determine the subject should be borrowed subjects must use the correct, not arbitrarily change, simplify the name of the account, the relevant two or detailed subjects To fill in a complete, vouchers, should be borrowed, credit accounts must maintain a clear correspondence, a note When the voucher is completed, the balance should be checked by the billing method used to check the balance of the corresponding accounts. Notebook Wire Stitching Machine must be numbered consecutively in order to check and avoid the loss of the voucher. Vouchers should indicate the number of attachments in order to facilitate the future check. The company's financial software is UF financial software, so the daily production of vouchers are done with the computer, the specific operation is as follows:
1, the summary of the accounting voucher is a brief description of the economic business, but also an important basis for the registration of books, must be different characteristics of the characteristics of the economic business, taking into account the needs of the registration book, fill in the correct, not missing or missing The
2, must be in accordance with the unified accounting system accounting subjects, according to the nature of the economic business, the preparation of accounting entries, Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine fill in the debit subjects and credit subjects column, two or detailed subjects refer to the subject of the two Level or detailed subjects, do not need to conduct a detailed account of the level, you can not fill two or sub-subjects column.
3, the amount of the amount of the amount of registration should be with the debit or credit subjects corresponding to or with the level of subjects, two or sub-subjects corresponding to the corresponding.
4, Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine Posting symbol column, is in accordance with the accounting vouchers after registration of the relevant books, in the column indicate the number of books recorded or √, that has been registered into account, to avoid re-remember, missing , There is no record before the board is not credited.
Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine has a number of different types, the usual Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine is just a few holes, and Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine. Can be bought in some large stationery store. If it is a book, then go to copy business. We are all plastic loaded, like the same book. And then cut the three sides are neat, very beautiful. And the price is not high, generally 8-10 a
Exercise is the corner of the hole, the general use of the drill with the drill, punch fast, then use the paper to the rope into the hole, a line on the line. And Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine prints documents of the same thickness faster than the Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine. Notebook Wire Stitching Machine.
1, the month of all the documents collected
2, if you want to follow the payment to the classification, then respectively, if not classified, then unified uniform
3, one by one to check whether the integrity of the vouchers, including a variety of original vouchers are complete, the vouchers are complete, all the cover of the chapter is covered, such as voucher reviewers name, financial officer name, a variety of payment Turn the chapter and so on