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How To Maintain And Maintain The Thread Book Sewing Machine
Oct 20, 2017

How to maintain and maintain the Thread Book Sewing Machine
Financial Book Thread Book Sewing Machine for many of the current business, the bill is concerned in terms of one of the equipment is relatively indispensable. It not only can effectively bind a variety of files, for the paper notes finishing, classification made a great contribution. Like some business units using the financial file Thread Book Sewing Machine more frequently, usually pay little attention to maintenance, it will lead to the use of equipment shortened, the impact on the work. So how do we maintain it for maintenance?
The maintenance and repair mainly focus on three aspects, namely, riveting pipe replacement, drill clean, drill bit grinding.
Rivet Replacement: Financial File Thread Book Sewing Machine Rivet Tube Replacement To carry the top of the feed inlet, turn the needle down for a week, and pull the nylon tube over the needle and pull it out through the inlet. Insert a new rivet and place it in place.
Drill Clean: Remove the financial file Thread Book Sewing Machine of the plug, remove the sharpener, knife into the sleeve into the sleeve, and flush with the section, and then use the nut fastening, while pressing the top of the top of the plug can be The
Drill grinding: the drill bit directly into the sharpening sleeve inside, the end of the flush, brick explosion assault into the bottom, and then use the clockwise rest assured that rotation can not be too strong, and finally fade sharpening to see if sharp.
Thread Book Sewing Machine as an important product in the packaging industry, its paper industry has a far-reaching important role, which is mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand the paper bound into a book, on the other hand in the packaging industry on the use. These two points make the Thread Book Sewing Machine this device in the market for a long time can not retreat heat.
Some market experts in recent years on the market industry in the data analysis and found that foreign packaging production accounted for more than 30 percent of the global packaging industry, and China as a developing country, its packaging development value is even more amazing , First do not say its share in the global packaging industry.
Just look at some parts of China, the annual growth of data, making China's total packaging industry to reach 900 billion yuan, of which Thread Book Sewing Machine accounted for 7.5%, reaching 67.5 million yuan. Look at our current use of Thread Book Sewing Machine industry, covering most of the business, which is no shortage of some well-known state-owned enterprises, such as newspapers and some large binding manufacturers. Through rough statistics, China's binding enterprises have more than 9600.
From the above form is not difficult to find, Thread Book Sewing Machine development is far from the end, still with a lot of market and space for us to develop.
Vouchers, also known as accounting vouchers, refers to a written proof that can be used to prove that economic business matters occur, with clear economic responsibility and registered tents. In the past office, the heavy financial credentials need to be manually integrated together, artificial integration is not only inefficient, but also easy to mess up the certificate. And the current financial documents on the market Thread Book Sewing Machine, only 15 seconds can be quickly stapled, very time and effort.
Financial Book Thread Book Sewing Machine is based on the Thread Book Sewing Machine evolved, Thread Book Sewing Machine is a mechanical way to paper, plastic and leather with binding nails or hot melt adhesive, nylon tube and other materials fixed Of the binding equipment. At present, most of the financial voucher binding is mostly nylon tube Thread Book Sewing Machine-based, high-pressure nylon tube hot riveting binding method to the accounting certificate packaging, packaging with a beautiful, long storage time and easy to disperse the certificate and many other advantages, Compared to the old manual hand thread Sewing Machine more quickly and easily, the cost is more affordable, more cost-effective.