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Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine Before Use Check
Aug 09, 2017

Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine before use check

Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine is best to regularly check the rubber roller is not sticky with rubber, grease, and timely wipe the roller on the glue and dust. To ensure that the two roll the appearance of cleaning black. The appearance of each roller to adhere to cleaning, not only the use of the machine every time, it is necessary to immediately clean the machine. The use of glue thinner and with a soft towel wipe the rollers, it is strictly prohibited to scratch the drum with a sharp appearance. Each time the boot, still want to wipe the outer surface of the dust. Computer bronzing machine and check the appearance of the machine roller is not black, the machine presents a defect or abnormal dynamic, it is necessary to timely analysis and find out the cause of the eradication, until the machine is normal before they can continue to operate.
The edge of the hot melt adhesive binding blade should adhere to the formation of elasticity, when there are roundabout, tooth mouth, curling and other appearance should be timely dressing exchange, the use of 0.15 ~ 0.20 mm manganese steel or offset printing machine blade , According to the original standard standard exchange. It is necessary to punctualize the transmission parts of the machine and the sliding surface of the lubricating oil to ensure that the machine is in excellent lubrication condition. Especially, the large bearing of the press roller is lost due to the pressure and the temperature is high. High temperature lubricating oil, so that it can run at high temperature and pressure. Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine board template support, the use of the joints and steel pipe structure of the steel pipe, and gradually open for the fastener type steel pipe bracket.
Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine is a late printing process, mainly in the printed product surface covered with a layer of plastic film to reach the printing products more smooth light effect. Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine machine to a variety of different information, equipment, the end of the coating technology with the use of the original data temperature and use of the different categories are divided into several categories, the following classification to be analyzed.
1, cold mounted: at room temperature, the use of cold pressing method will be attached to the surface of the film mounted on the surface of the method, said cold mounted, during which there are single-sided mounted and double-sided mounted, in the operating methods are also artificial pull film mounted and since the film Mounted. Cold mounted skills with a simple operation, the effect is good, low cost and other characteristics, its widely used in advertising light boxes, engineering drawings and wedding photography of the late manufacturing.
2, laminating machine hot mounted: will be dedicated to the hot film in the heating to a certain temperature (about 100-180 ° C) on the installation of the equipment, said mounted, can be divided into single-sided hot mounted and double-sided hot mounted, Because of its good light permeability and water resistance, hardness, suitable for other occasions, the post-manufacturing advertising images. But the hot mounted equipment and supplies more expensive, messy operation, energy consumption, the cost is high. Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine vacuum coating, is the use of special vacuum laminating machine membrane and the painting between the vacuum after a certain temperature in the final shape, the end of the film, its operation methods messy, costly and the screen scale is bound Of the restrictions, but the mounted quality is very high, the picture texture is strong, suitable for photos.
Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine is for the printed surface of the film, such as for books, posters, color box packaging, handbags and so on. In response to the continuous improvement of global environmental awareness, oily Fumo will gradually be replaced by water-based laminating. I designed the new Hot Melt Glue Binding Notebook Machine machine to adapt to water / oil two kinds of glue and pre-coated film Fumo, is "a machine with three" and "high-speed power" equipment.