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Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine Replaces The Traditional Hand Brush Glue On The Shell Job
Jul 07, 2017

Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine replaces the traditional hand brush glue on the shell job

We usually see dictionary have hard shells such as books and hardcover automatic exercise machine is made of book cover, some automatic exercise machine by light refraction, reflection principle, adopts center positioning method, meet the demand of users quickly operation; Fully automatic training machine is equipped with negative pressure adsorption function to make the cover more level and not run. The full-automatic training machine has precise cutting function, and can be cut out of paperboard with different thickness.

Hardback automatic exercise machine by using the theory of light refraction, reflection, adopts center positioning method, can be convenient to see clear book position, meet the needs of the user books positioning operation, to a bigger board positioning speed and accuracy. Equipped with negative pressure adsorption function and double rubber roller wrap auxiliary equipment, make the cover more level, do not run, avoid air bubbles.

The automatic exercise machine has been easy and fast since then, replacing the traditional hand brush with the shell operation and saving the high cost of imported equipment.

1, improve efficiency, use of plastic pumps pump and pumping automatic car wash, dispense with the trouble that use artificial pour glue/wash the car trivial work, adjust the size location is equipped with digital display, adjust operation be clear at a glance, cementing a simultaneous casing, 5 seconds/this coherent operations, make sure the quality from the professional.

2, the operation is simple: design conforms to the Chinese mechanical engineering society advocated by the ergonomics fool type design, operation is very convenient and simple, don't need such as operating model cole booth personnel special skilled workers, ordinary men and women after a brief introduction are operational.

3. Safe and durable: equipped with safety door and emergency stop switch protection, safety performance is good. The whole machine circuit adopts the control of Japanese original mitsubishi PLC, which is definitely guarantee of quality.

With the development of society, the progress of science and technology. Now, the automatic machine has become an indispensable part of office life. Although there are many people who have seen the Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine, many people don't know how to choose a fully automatic training machine. Here are a few things to know about buying a Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine.

1. Binding specifications

The binding specification refers to the maximum hole width and hole area, which is the maximum width and the area of a pinhole in the binding process used in the binding process

The form of a milling cutter

The form of milling cutter means the installation of the milling cutter in the Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine, usually in comb and pull type. But the size of the mill is divided into small mills, big mills, small milling knives, big milling knives, and sun milling knives. The small milling cutter is especially suitable for the office, the sun milling cutter can realize the hard cover of the deluxe text. Small milling cutter + large milling cutter is suitable for the design institute, tertiary institution, photocopy shop, small and medium-sized printing factory short edition fast loading book, bidding document and drawing binding

3. Binding thickness

The binding thickness is the thickness of the document that the Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine can bind, usually in millimeters (mm), but also some products are measured by the number of pages (the number of pages). Generally, the thickness of a Fully Automatic Exercise Book Making Machine can be installed between 20mm and 50mm, or about 400 pages. Ordinary application can choose 20mm products. A product with a greater thickness is optional. The thickest binding thickness is 80mm.