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Financial Document Book Binding Equipment Failure
Sep 11, 2017

Financial document Book Binding Equipment failure
 Financial order Book Binding Equipment how to troubleshoot, accounting books, financial accounting, vouchers, vouchers, text Book Binding Equipment, punching machine, set-up machine FAQ and troubleshooting (please call technical support 4009929778), to solve the financial documents Book Binding Equipment, the daily troubleshooting of the problem
Problem A binding device can not work, the machine does not respond
It is not available at all, and the power indicator on the financial stapler is normal • Check that the power plug is properly inserted. • Check if the power fuse is blown. • Is the power supply voltage below 220V? Check the binding panel there is no error, such as binding alarm, there may be left in the machine tube; control shield alarm, there may be a protective cover is not turned off.
 Problem 2 When the paper is not perforated, the paper is greasy and the reason for the smoke
When the drill is blunt, no drilling, the file is not penetrated, the drill knife paste paste, smoke or drill automatically return, indicating that the Book Binding Equipment device drilling knife out of the problem, there may be a long time work The knife is plugged in, the knife is due to too much carbon copy paper or the stapler above the glue too much, when the drilling drill high-speed rotation of the glue and carbon-free copy of the knife to melt the knife dead. Select the punch position to avoid the glue area. Drill used for too long, not sharp when the paper card raised card blade wall caused by blocking knife, the knife grinding about it.
Problem three semi automatic, automatic Book Binding Equipment when drilling, do not cut the problem of the hose? Automatic Book Binding Equipment does not cut
A lot of Book Binding Equipment on this issue will occur, most of the reasons are because the binding device inside a special pipe cutting line, due to prolonged use of the machine, this line for a long time hard friction, there will be disconnected Will not cut the tube, of course, there is cutting knife, blade is not sharp. Knife rupture will be the problem. This time to solve the words to open the machine to pull the pipeline or replace the pipe cutter.
 Problem four financial voucher Book Binding Equipment punch alarm problem
If the drill is too heavy to drill well, the lights on the stapler panel will always flash, and the reason for this problem is that it may be something that contains some metal in the file. Such as paper clips, paper clips and other items. There is a bit of shredded scraps left in the drill head, and it is possible that the drill bit is blunt. Solve these problems on the one hand is to open the safety shield to remove the drill bit to remove any residual scraps of paper, that is to say the drill bit poke through and then re-install the drill off the protective cover to start drilling
Note that if the long continuous use of the rotor, Book Binding Equipment it is possible to drill bit becomes hot, and if the drilling when the annoying noise, we recommend the use of lubricating oil, lubrication turned around. If the drill bit is severely damaged, or the blade is uneven, we recommend replacing the tip.
 What is the adjustment of the punching depth of the document Book Binding Equipment? YC380, for example, under normal circumstances the factory has been adjusted, can successfully penetrate 300 pages 80GA4 paper, financial accounting documents than A4 thin, it means more pages, up to 3CM thickness The
    1: When punching, the document Book Binding Equipment does not wear the certificate
      Adjust the top of the perforated nut (right top nut), Book Binding Equipment clockwise right turn, each time the commissioning to a circle as the standard, until the set just penetrated.
   2: When drilling, punch too deep
      Adjust the top nut, Book Binding Equipment twist it counterclockwise until the stapler is just above the knife pad, leaving a mark on the knife pad, just to punch all the documents (Figure 2).