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Easily Solve The Routine Maintenance Of The Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine
Sep 20, 2017

Easily solve the routine maintenance of the Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine
   Practice Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine because the need for professional workmanship and technology, a lot of manufacturers are trying to research and development, but because of the complexity of professional, to achieve a simple one-touch binding, a variety of processes are for a key, so many do not professionally follow the manufacturers At present, only to be a OEM, looking for these professional manufacturers of automatic OEM. The market is specialized in the production of automatic machine manufacturers are still Royal, Bandung, God is booming and so on several, but also because of their strength, is now practicing Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine professional manufacturers of the machines are particularly stable, durable, Convenient, all will not be a big problem, even if the problem is a small problem, such as the main main feeding alarm or no material, etc., this does not matter, we immediately teach you daily processing methods: as follows:
  The machine in the course of work if a fault or alarm prompt, practice Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine on the panel alarm position LED will always light or continuous flashing, you can check the following methods.
  When the hole is completed after the practice of Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine no material, no cutting riveting pipe binding, usually from three aspects to detect the cause of the problem, first look at the cutting motor whether there is rotation, followed by see under the pipe and gear gap Too much, again look at the cut detection switch angle is not correct.
   When the machine is working normally, it will suddenly send the feed alarm, the indicator light flashes, first check whether the riveting tube will be used up or lack of material, this time will be put on the practice of the Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine at the top of the needle from the inlet, Into the plastic tube, pay attention to not too hard, gently turn down 360 degrees clockwise, so that the remaining tube sets in the needle, and along with the needle from the mouth of the mouth to pull out, with the top of the needle with the left material, Insert the new riveting tube can continue to staple.Note that the nylon tube should not be bent, or can not be used normally.
    Practice the Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine sometimes pass the needle to take the material but no material to take out, insert the new tube, the machine still can not work, then the thimble on the left material, according to the thimble action button to be thimble out of the material with tweezers tweezers not live Move, and so the thimble automatically drops, remove the remaining material. Note: thimble in the absence of a complete drop in the end, rivets and thimble is not before the disengagement, should not use forceps to pull the tube around, so as not to poke the thimble, leaving the machine can not work damage.
    There is no experience in the practice of Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine no problem, that is, no material, to look at the riveting pipe material, now the small factory in order to seize the market share of supplies, blindly lower prices, materials, especially hard , Mostly plastic material, although it can be used, you can let the machine frequently eat these hard things, sooner or later for the indigestion, and particularly hurt the machine in the pipe cutter, it is recommended to use the original nylon material supplies or to Manufacturers similar to the use of supplies.
   Practice the Exercise Notebook Wire Stitching Machine is developed on the basis of automatic binding machine. The series of binding equipment after years of technical upgrading and structural optimization, so that the binding operation to achieve full automation, easy operation, safe and reliable, economical and practical. Widely used in banking, industry and commerce, taxation and other industrial and mining enterprises and institutions of the financial book, the specification of the binding materials, forming a beautiful, has been fully recognized by the market.
  1, the machine is working, it is strictly prohibited to touch the drill bit or hand on the drill knife or pressure board below.
  2, loading and unloading drill, you should turn off the power switch, so as to avoid the operation of the operator injured.
  3, drilling drill when the temperature is high, can not touch the surface by hand, so as not to burn. If you need to replace the drill, wait for the drill to cool and then disassemble.