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Cutting Machine Characteristic
Dec 28, 2016

Cutting machine control method which use a motor to drive the unwinding shaft, add in the retractable reels with magnetic powder clutch, by adjusting the current of magnetic powder clutch to control the resistance to control the surface tension of the material. Magnetic particle clutches and brakes are a special type of automation components, it is by filling in the working gap transmission torque of magnetic powder, changing the magnetic particle magnetic field current can change state, regulating transfer of torque. Can be used starting from zero to synchronous speed stepless, suitable for high speed fine tuning and of small and medium power adjustable-speed system. Is also used to adjust current adjust the torque to guarantee in the process of winding tension stays constant unwinding and rewinding tension control system.

Cutting machine characteristic

FQ-320 high speed trademark slitting is automatic die-cutting machine products, this machine is suitable for narrow range against paper cutting. It has automatic meter counting, counting, set the length, number of automatic shutdown, on volume by photoelectric automatic deviation-rectifying control functions. Compact, fast speed, high efficiency, smooth running, easy operation, accurate slitting and so on.