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Choose The 6 Right Posture Of A Book Binding Equipment
Jun 22, 2017

Choose the 6 right posture of a Book Binding Equipment
  Many people do not know how to judge the merits of a binding device, in order to allow you to buy a desirable, quality guaranteed binding equipment. Today Heng Bo to share the correct choice of binding equipment, the six correct posture!
  1. Binding efficiency
  We often say: "Time is money, efficiency is life", efficiency is not necessary to say, you are so smart all know. Talk about the advantages of Heng Bo binding equipment, Heng Bo binding equipment only need to press the button to complete the punch, and then press the button and complete the binding. Compared to other binding equipment, more efficient, more convenient!
  2. Easy to operate
  A good use of the Book Binding Equipment, should be full-featured, but also easy to operate, the standard is the simpler the better. As the saying goes, lazy people to promote the development of the world. The constant Bo binding equipment using liquid crystal display, you can real-time display of the Book Binding Equipment, preheat degree, punching, riveting, error code, etc., at a glance. The most convenient is that this machine punching, riveting are directly button control. In addition, both sides of the adjustment knob can be free to adjust the binding margin, laser positioning design, you can accurately mark the binding positon!
  3. Binding specifications
  Book Binding Equipment binding specifications, simply say that the thickness of binding. General company binding information thickness between 20mm - 50mm, and Heng Bo binding equipment maximum binding thickness of up to 60mm, fully meet the needs of daily office binding.
  4. Noise problems
  This indicator is often overlooked, but when you really use it, especially when there are other colleagues in the office, you will see how important this indicator is. So clean environment also contribute to work efficiency, ease the work of the staff fatigue!
  5. Binding effect
  Binding effect This is a very important piece of binding equipment, not only need to achieve a good appearance, performance, and efficiency and so on, but also need to be beautiful and so on.
  6. Brand and after-sales service
  Some people say: buy a table Book Binding Equipment also look at the brand? Is not too vanity? Anyway, out of things, can be used just fine ah. Why do we usually buy buy buy time will not consciously pick the name of the brand? Because ah, the brand often represents the quality and service!