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Choose One Of The Six Correct Positions For A Book Binding Equipment
Jul 07, 2017

Choose one of the six correct positions for a Book Binding Equipment

Many people don't know how to judge the merits of a Book Binding Equipment, in order to be able to get people to choose a satisfactory, quality and guaranteed Book Binding Equipment. Today, heng bo will share the six correct positions on the correct choice of binding equipment!

1. Binding efficiency

We often say, "time is money, efficiency is life," and efficiency is significant. Say the advantage of the constant bo binding equipment, the constant bo binding equipment just need to press the key to complete the punch, then press the key to complete the binding again. Compared to other binding equipment, more efficient, more convenient!

Ease of operation

A good binding machine should be functional and easy to operate, the simpler the better. As the saying goes, lazy people promote the development of the world. And the constant bo binding equipment USES liquid crystal display screen, can display the condition of the bookbinding machine in real time, preheating degree, hole, pressure riveting, error code and so on, at a glance. The most convenient is that the machine is perforated and the riveting is directly controlled by the key. In addition, the adjusting knob on both sides is free to adjust the binding edge distance, laser positioning design, can precisely mark the location of the binding!

3. Binding specifications

The binding specification of the Book Binding Equipment is simply the binding thickness. The thickness of the material bound by the general company is 20mm - 50mm, and the maximum binding thickness of the fixed equipment is up to 60mm, Book Binding Equipment which can satisfy the need of daily office work.

4. Noise problems

This indicator is often overlooked, but when it comes to real use, especially when there are other colleagues in the office, you can see how important this indicator is. So clean environment can also help work efficiency, alleviate worker's work fatigue!

5. Binding effect

The binding effect is a very important part of the Book Binding Equipment. It not only needs to achieve a good appearance, performance, efficiency and so on, but also needs to be beautiful and so on.

6. Brand and after-sales service

Some people say: buy a Book Binding Equipment still see brand? Is it too vain? It's okay to take the stuff out anyway. But why do people unconsciously choose well-known brands when buying and buying? Because, Book Binding Equipment brand often represents quality and service!