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Booklet Trimming Machine Should Be Considered In The Process Of Purchasing
Jul 07, 2017

Booklet Trimming Machine should be considered in the process of purchasing

The binding thickness is the thickness of the document that the pamphlet can bind, usually in millimeters (mm), but some products are measured by the number of pages (the number of pages). Generally, the thickness of the binder can be installed between 20mm and 50mm, Booklet Trimming Machine or about 400 pages. Ordinary application can choose 20mm products. A product with a greater thickness is optional.

Binding specifications

The binding specification refers to the maximum perforation width and perforation area, Booklet Trimming Machine which is the maximum width and the area of a pinhole in the binding process used in the binding process. Measure this index to use mm, the hole area USES such as 3mm x 8mm to say.

Product stability

The stability of the product is mainly to inspect the quality and after-sale service of the products, and it is a strong guarantee for the service life of the machine and any failure of the machine during the use of the machine. At present, the market imitates the product more, Booklet Trimming Machine the product price of the same type is very far away, do not choose the product that has no guarantee because of the low price,

Form milling cutter

The form of milling cutter means the installation method of the milling cutter in the machine. To comb and draw more commonly, but divided according to different milling cutter can also be divided into small milling cutter, milling cutter, milling cutter + milling cutter, milling cutter, etc., the sun of small milling cutter is particularly suited to the office; Sun cutter can realize binding luxury hard cover text, small milling cutter + big milling cutter is suitable for the design institute, colleges and universities, copy shop, small and medium-sized printing short version fast loading, bidding documents and drawings binding books.

Booklet Trimming Machine as the name suggests is a machine used for hardcover book cover, such as the xinhua dictionary, we use the shell, shell is made of saying shell machine hardcover books, some books and shell machine using light refraction, reflection principle, adopts center positioning method, meet the demand of users quickly operation; The leaflet trimming machine is equipped with negative pressure adsorption function to make the cover more level and not run.

In the process of production, we can cut the corners of the paperboard with the precision of cutting corners. It is equipped with double rubber roller, which can be used to finish the production of hardcover shell. What are the requirements for the quality of production of hardcover books by the leaflet trimming machine? According to the national standard, the quality of hardcover book should meet the following requirements: medium size. Board thickness

1. The book shell makes use of little water, quick drying, strong binding of animal limbs or synthetic resin glue.

3. After the shell system is lost, it should be piled up face to face, compressed and naturally dry.

4. Hot stamping, Booklet Trimming Machine clear pattern, not paste, flower, hot foil, good gloss

5. Press the embossing seal should be clear. Take the center line of the back of the book, the margin of error of the book.