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Book Binding Equipment Maintenance And Management
Jul 18, 2017

Book Binding Equipment maintenance and management

In recent years, with the continuous reform and development of the printing industry, postpress Book Binding Equipment process has been developed from a backward manual operation process gradually formed a mechanization, linkage, automatic operation process, the equipment have been updated. However, due to the lack of equipment maintenance and maintenance, the management is not in place, so that the machine can not function properly, and delays in the delivery of books and periodicals and the quality of books and periodicals will occur. In this paper, I will discuss how to install equipment maintenance and maintenance management.

The economic significance of Book Binding Equipment maintenance management

The maintenance and maintenance of the equipment does not produce direct economic benefit, but it is not negligible to extend the life of the equipment and give full play to the potential of the equipment. For example, the ZYH670A folding machine of our factory has already reached the time of scrapping, but it can still be used by maintenance repair, and the processing measures are as follows:

(1) remove all the folding roller and make it meet the requirements when adjusting clearance.

(2) check and adjust the clearance of the folding roller to check whether the bearing is damaged or not.

(3) check the keys and pins of the connecting parts, and replace the damaged parts.

(4) after maintenance of the whole machine, clean oil, gas, oil, etc.

Training of technical talents

In recent years, the binding process has been gradually mechanized and automated. According to the author, there is no special equipment major in the whole country, the staff are working side by side to learn and gain experience. Therefore, it is necessary to attach importance to the training of technical talents while introducing Book Binding Equipment and strengthening the technical training of the staff. The training content can be divided into two aspects: on the one hand, technical maintenance requires relevant technical theories; On the other hand, it is aimed at the principle analysis of the equipment control system, specific device functions and technical training for testing and maintenance. In addition, still should pay special attention to technical personnel at the scene of the actual installation and operation of machine training, the best equipment supplier to the factory site technical and maintenance personnel for the first of two training, how the equipment maintenance problems and make a detailed explanation.

Value experience accumulation and mutual communication

Machine malfunction and downtime, maintenance personnel must be in the shortest possible time to determine the fault location and type (electrical fault or mechanical failure), find out the cause of the problem and fault source, then replace the corresponding fault components, troubleshooting. Therefore, maintenance personnel must understand the various parts of the equipment and mechanical structure, electrical control principle, control module structure and working principle of the device, etc., through the actual working experience in maintenance, skillfully master all kinds of failure phenomenon judgment and testing method. At the same time, maintenance personnel should discuss and communicate more to improve their overall technical level.

Establishment of equipment files

When the equipment is signed from the purchase contract, the equipment file will be set up to purchase the contract, technical data, machine instruction manual, inspection receipt and related drawing income file. And at any time in the process of equipment used to equipment failure phenomena, causes and eliminate way to found the problems in the process of the usual maintenance and is recorded in detail, such as equipment files, this to the state of the equipment will have a more comprehensive understanding, is helpful to determine fault of cycle and the types, ready to spare parts as early as possible. It shall also establish a spare parts warehouse, which shall be managed by the special person and supplemented in time to ensure that the spare parts can be supplied in time.

Establish equipment maintenance system

The equipment should also be equipped with a reasonable equipment maintenance system and a preventative equipment management system, so that the equipment is in good condition.

(1) establishment of the Book Binding Equipment management system. Set up the factory department, equipment department, the bookbinding workshop, the four-level management system, ensure the effective implementation of the various systems and measures.

(2) formulate the maintenance system of the Book Binding Equipment plan.

(3) make a three-level maintenance system for the Book Binding Equipment and make it operable.

(4) strengthen the equipment maintenance knowledge and safety production of education, make operators truly understand, and can achieve "three good" and "four meetings" in the specific maintenance.

(5) formulate the safety operation procedures of the Book Binding Equipment, daily cleaning maintenance rules and lubrication management system, so as to ensure the cleanliness and lubrication of the work to be fixed, fixed, quantitative, fixed and fixed.