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Application Development Of Automatic Booklet Trimming Machine
Oct 20, 2017

Application Development of Automatic Booklet Trimming Machine
Life, documents, drawings, papers, books, paper finishing is a very troublesome thing, but with the Booklet Trimming Machine will become very different. Booklet Trimming Machine can be a good paper, plastic, leather and other good binding good. As one of the Booklet Trimming Machine product lines, the Full Booklet Trimming Machine is one of the quick and easy Smart Booklet Trimming Machines in the Booklet Trimming Machine category.
"One key" can be one of the biggest features of the booklet Trimming Machine. Automatic Booklet Trimming Machine gives us the feeling that it is very simple and easy to bind, but from the principle of analysis, the more simple operation seems to be in the R & D technology is more difficult, there is no certain technical content absolutely do not A good machine. For the pursuit of efficiency in the community now, "office automation" fast, efficient and convenient is particularly important. "Archives, bills, bills and vouchers," the traditional way of binding because of its cumbersome procedures, labor intensity, has become the bottleneck to improve office efficiency. In order to break this bottleneck, specially developed a fully automated Booklet Trimming Machine. The emergence of the Automatic Booklet Trimming Machine saves a lot of time and costs, greatly improving work efficiency and is the preferred product for many corporate companies.
Accounting document Booklet Trimming Machine is an office unit for storing financial documents in an enterprise unit. Its appearance instead of the artificial binding, the operation is more simple, binding of finished products more beautiful. Booklet Trimming Machine In use, improper use or improper operation and so can not successfully complete the binding work. In the stapling process, the driller is the primary condition for ensuring that the Booklet Trimming Machine is operating smoothly. A good drill bit must be sharp, the inner wall is smooth, so the purpose of the design is to prevent the drill knife jam and punch through impermeable.
Drill hole punch through the reasons:
3, the thickness of the certificate exceeds the maximum drilling limit; 4, conductive pads used too much; 5, drilling limit stroke problems.
Solution: 1, sharpening or replacement drill; 2, remove the drill hole paper scraps; 3, come up with some of the certificate; 4, rotating pads or replacement pads; 5, looking for professional staff to solve.
In order to make the binding effect more perfect, in the use of the certificate Booklet Trimming Machine in the process, some of the details of the problem must pay attention.
1, the certificate Booklet Trimming Machine in the repair, adjustment, inspection and other processes before the need to cut off the power to avoid danger.
2, in the operating certificate Booklet Trimming Machine on the table, do not place oil and other items are not related to the operation.
3, after the boot, if abnormal sound and other phenomena, to immediately stop checking, do not continue to work.
4, in the certificate Booklet Trimming Machine work process, do not hand into the back of the cutter, even if the machine downtime, do not hand change and other adjustments, with special tools.
In addition to the need to pay attention to the problem, but also need to know some maintenance knowledge.
Regularly add lubricating oil to the transmission parts, usually once a week, spilled oil to clean, so as not to contaminate the paper. Apply the certificate Booklet Trimming Machine every month to ensure that all drive parts are lubricated.
Avithers. Findsither Rhithers. Rhithers. Rhithers. General Booklet Trimming Machine on the ruler can be used as a benchmark to adjust the left and right position, behind the board can adjust the front and back margins, the general adjustable margin is 2.5CM or so, the manual machine can be rotated by the machine behind the knob to adjust, automatic The machine through the side of the two knobs to adjust, after a good position can punch. Followed by the second step is manual hot riveting binding. After the hole in the general rivets will automatically cut, fall in the takeover slot. Just put the cut rivets into the hole, in the translation to the left rivet head, the mandrel into the riveting tube and then press the handle, press only stay 2 to 3 seconds can be.