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Paper deformation is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
Dec 28, 2016

1, the curl caused by deformation of the Web itself

Sheet-fed offset printing paper is generally used by Web cut from reel slitting of paper curl problems exist, after cutting the paper in order to achieve the smooth, need for a period of time. But in the actual production process, taking into account the cash flow and the time of delivery and other reasons, many manufacturers generally are bought now, cut paper after printing processing are not completely flat. Under the influence of original paper curl, in addition to printing, surface treatment, die-cutting process production difficulties, the tray will eventually be affected.

2, caused by changes in moisture content of the paper deformation

Each sheet of moisture must be distributed evenly and must balance with the surrounding temperature and humidity, or may appear after a long period of "frills" and "close edge" phenomenon. Paper when the swelling, the lateral expansion of the fibers are longitudinal expansion of 10-30 times, so the paper after moisture absorption, its greater extension of, resulting in the paper curling and, ultimately, to tarry after forming of the paper. In fact, many manufacturers could make it production environment temperature and humidity balance with the paper up and, in this case, for cutting good jam, preferably wrapped with plastic wrap, printed in time, as far as possible avoid deformation of paper after absorbing water, affecting the production and the tray molding.