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Hull machine production process analysis
Dec 28, 2016

(1) no release after the hull should be cut or loose, install cover shook loose cover.

(2) each cover is static electricity, the most important cover in surface treatment, make sure to get rid of static electricity.

(3) in part cover surface treatment residue adhesive, spray or other similar material gently down on almost no good place to be able to average. In package side play open or part play open of reasons in book shell work in the, skin shell machine regular occurred some package side play open or part play open, has following points reasons caused of in rubber sticky agent quality poor or solvent joined too big of when, easy caused rubber sticky agent concentration low, led to viscosity low packaging decoration, as in using better of animal protein rubber, flexible master rubber sticky agent of concentration.

Installed in the air-conditioned room operation temperature is 18~24℃, like the operations in this environment can play a maximum efficiency of the machine, but also more economical to use glue. Recommendations are generally in this environment or working under cover of the job package is too small. Normal edge should be about 15mm other packaging, narrow hemming is also easy to pop open.