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Discussion on factors influencing the pill box
Dec 28, 2016

Of reasons, paper quality

In the tray molding, paper quality is mainly manifested in the stiffness of the paper tray. Good good quality paper and stiffness, high density, fibre length, not easily deformed, used in the production of natural shape of carton will be good. But at this stage, in order to reduce costs and promote environmental awareness of recycling, a growing number of manufacturers using recycled paper. Recycled paper is due to loose structure, short fibers, low tensile, this paper except when they die-cut prone to "detonation wire explosion" and beyond the fluff, dust, paper easy, it's enough, easy to collapse, forming open back cover and air inlet is prone to blowing up.

Second, the paper deformation effects of

Incomplete and curl the paper itself, after the printing, die-cutting, gluing, tray molding will be affected.